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Cyber-attacks are a national security concern. Banking, utilities, healthcare, communications, government services, emergency services, transportation – all are critical to the normal daily activities in India.

India is one of the leading victims of cyber-crime and the cyber security, as per the industry report the cyber crime is estimated at around US$ 218 million. Indian cyber security companies have developed indigenous products to address rising cyber-threats, but, with the limited success. Cyber threats is fastest growing crime today and this can be defined as malicious intrusions into cyber networks using vicious codes including viruses, worms, spyware, and malware with the intention to cause harm. According to a Security Research Firm, the highest rates of cybercrimes are found in areas with uninterrupted internet connectivity in India.

Cerebral Business Research is delighted to present India’s 2nd international exhibition cum summit on Cyber Threats now into successful 2nd year, scheduled on Friday, 17th January 2014 at Le Meridien – New Delhi.

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