Spice has launched cloud, mobile synchronization service onto the consumer’s smartphones becoming the first Indian brand to do so.

The new service will work with all flagship smartphones and tablets from Spice.  Spice Cloud enables consumers to automatically and wirelessly store and secure data, provide anti-theft features that protect the user’s content and help them to locate the device.

The company said that the Cloud services reflect Spice’s focus on constant innovation and technology advancement to deliver superlative user experience

T M Ramakrishnan, CEO, Devices, S Mobility Ltd, said, “The potential for Cloud services uptake in India and other emerging markets is phenomenal. Spice consumers will enjoy enormous benefits from Cloud services, including the flexibility to access files and data anywhere. They can even use the remote wipe option in case of theft or loss of their smartphones, ensuring data security..”

It gives the consumer access to data on multiple devices. Spice Cloud exclusively features retrieving the call log facility, making it stand out in a Cloud crowd available globally.  Users can access files, big or small, on the go; make a backup; share it with million others with Spice cloud storage services.

Spice Cloud provides Spice consumers with Cloud Backup of 2GB free Data storage and seamless access to user photos/ documents / media files and contacts across the devices along with advanced security and anti-theft features.

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