Enables mobile video download and offers vast library of 20,000 + videos

Techzone, one of India’s largest Aggregators, Developers, Publishers and Distributors of Entertainment content in the world has enhanced its offerings by introducing mobile video download as a VAS service to India’s prominent telecom service provider, Aircel. Under mobile video download, Techzone is offering its vast content library of 20,000+ videos across more than 12 languages on a VAS platform to Aircel.

Being called as Video store@ Re1, this is the latest value added service wherein the consumer can access videos on mobile via WAP or GPRS/2G/3G and download them on his mobile handset at just Re1/- per video. For reaching out to its users, Aircel has already launched Video store@ Re1 in both prepaid and post paid segments.

Techzone has not only powered the VAS platform for Aircel but is also providing them with rich content available for download at Re.1 via these services.

The consumers can access Video store@ Re1 on Aircel by:

Step 1: Sms VDO to 56060 or dial Toll-free short code 52010
Step 2: You will receive a WAP link on your mobile
Step 3: Access the link and browse to your video of choice
Step 4: Download the video at Re. 1/video

The video content at Video store@ Re1 covers over 12 languages including English, Hindu, Marathi, Gujarati, Assamese, Bhojpuri, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam amongst others. This new VAS would let the consumers download videos across 8 genres including bollywood, Hollywood, realty, lifestyle, music, comedy and more from a vast collection of 20,000+ videos. This service is aimed at introducing more Aircel customers to the mobile internet experience. This VAS is compatible with mobile phone with GPRS/2G/3G, including feature phones. The charges for browsing the portal is as per the data plans opted by the users and all videos are available at Re 1.

With Aircel, the consumers can also share their video preferences on Facebook and Twitter. Techzone aims to add 800-1,000 videos/day to the existing video library.

Explaining the expansion of their VAS offering, Mr. Naveen Bhandari, MD, Techzone said, “ The Indian VAS industry is changing at a steady pace with the consumers demanding the data for consumption at their closest accessible touch point: mobile handsets. In the past few years, we had not seen the video consumption on mobile gaining pace due to the lack of connectivity and bandwidth on mobile internet. But with the advent of Edge, 2G and 3G making the data delivery faster and consistent; the consumers are consuming video data better. This increase in quality of delivery is expected to increase the video data consumption amongst the consumers. The vastness amongst the diversity in demands and choices of the consumer demanding international, bollywood and regional content is aiding us to use a variety of rich data and make it available for consumption. It is increasingly becoming a consumer pull based service. Through this VAS offering, we aim to increase the monetization and the availability of the content which we have acquired over a period by multifold. The pricing strategy of this VAS allows it to be a preferred choice of the masses.”

Mr. Anupam Vasudev, Chief Marketing Officer, Aircel

Mr. Anupam Vasudev, Chief Marketing Officer, Aircel said, “At Aircel our aim is to offer innovative yet value for money products to our customers. With our focus on the youth who have a need to stay connected and updated at affordable prices, this unique VAS product will offer our customers the freedom to download videos at just Re.1. As a committed data company, we will continue to enhance customer experience through our innovative products and services”.

Mr. Naveen Bhandari,MD, Techzone

Speaking of the alliance with Aircel for offering mobile video download service, Mr. Naveen Bhandari, MD, Techzone added, “Our association with Aircel has been long and fruitful. It’s consumer base and innovation in reaching out to the consumers ensures that the consumers are well informed about the various VAS offerings available for them. This aids the consumer in making an informed decision and also positively effects the overall data consumption by the consumers.”

Commenting on the future of mobile video consumption, he added “A research agency has stated that the total online video consumption in India has doubled in the past two years to 3.7 billion videos per month. This dramatic growth has been driven by a sizeable increase in the number of online video viewers, in addition to increasing consumption per viewer. The total online video audience in India has grown 74 percent to 54 million viewers, with the average viewer watching 18 percent more videos and spending 28 percent more time viewing. Also, it will be surprising to notice that 50 to 60% of the total mobile data traffic is consumed by Video alone. Hence, the scope of mobile video consumption is very high and is en-route to getting better and more re-defined with more features and better search options. With all the telecom service providers giving access to videos and video downloads at such low rates, it is going to be a tough competition for the video sharing sites.”

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