• Ericsson supplies Swisscom with network capabilities to become one of world’s first carriers to provide LTE roaming services
  • Solution based on Ericsson Diameter Signaling Controller designed to alleviate signaling load on networks and compliant with 3GPP standards
  • Swisscom’s and its roaming partners’ LTE subscribers will initially have access to services when travelling in South Korea, Hong Kong and Canada

A new product from Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC), the Diameter Signaling Controller, is enabling Swisscom to become the first European operator to launch LTE roaming services on a global basis.

Heinz Herren, CTO at Swisscom, says: “As the leading mobile operator in Switzerland, launching 4G/LTE roaming was an important step for us and all our 4G/LTE subscribers. They will now be able to use their services while travelling to many different countries in Asia and the Americas.”

LTE roaming is based on diameter signaling, a protocol used between virtually all nodes in mobile-broadband networks. The rapid increase in mobile-broadband traffic also means the signaling required to set up and manage sessions for individual subscribers is growing very fast; a tenfold increase is expected between 2011 and 2016.

Magnus Furustam, Vice President and Head of Product Area Core and IMS at Ericsson, says: “We have now passed a major milestone in our development project for the Diameter Signaling Controller. We are very proud that Swisscom selected Ericsson for the launch of its LTE roaming service. Our solution will alleviate some of the signaling load and make the signaling network even more reliable.”

Ericsson’s Diameter Signaling Controller is implemented on the Ericsson Blade System platform. This means the capacity of the product is truly scalable, and it caters for the forecasted continued growth in mobile-broadband traffic. It will also support and play a key role with the introduction of voice over LTE services.

Source :- Ericsson

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