• Fuel Cell solution awarded under the “Green Telecom and Smart Energy Solutions” category
  • Liquid Applications awarded under the “Wide Area Network” category

Nokia Siemens Networks’ Fuel Cell solution and Liquid Applications* have won the Emerging Technologies award under the “Green Telecom and Smart Energy Solutions” and “Wide Area Network” categories at CTIA Wireless® 2013. These recognitions further strengthen the company’s commitment to helping operators reduce their carbon footprints and to transforming the base station into an intelligent part of an operator’s network, enabling it to serve and deliver local content.

Developed jointly by Nokia Siemens Networks and Ballard Power Systems, Fuel Cells enable operators to optimize network downtime in case of a commercial power breakdown. Based on a methanol-water mix, they have a considerably lower carbon footprint in comparison with traditional alternatives. Fuel Cells offer an environment-friendly and power-conscious alternative to ensure network continuity during power blackouts.

Liquid Applications turns the base station into an intelligent part of the mobile operator’s network, to serve and deliver local content. With this innovation, operators can take advantage of their insight into where and why people are using their smartphones and tablets. By placing useful information right at the edge of their networks, at the point where people connect, operators can deliver a far better service and increase the efficiency of their networks. The beauty of Liquid Applications is in the simplicity of using information that has always been there in the network: it fundamentally changes the definition of personalized service and drives innovation and new business models across the mobile industry.

“The recognition by CTIA Wireless serves to enhance our stature as an innovation leader in mobile broadband,” said Pepe Lastres, head of marketing for North America at Nokia Siemens Networks. “It encourages us to continue focusing our efforts on developing solutions that will shape the future of the communications industry. And apart from aligning them to customer requirements, our products also conform to the highest environmental standards – a reiteration of Nokia Siemens Networks’ commitment to build a greener planet.”

“This year’s awards highlight the awe-inspiring and significant impact the wireless industry has on every sector and on our daily lives. We’re pleased to showcase the vision and ingenuity from our industry at CTIA 2013, which is North America’s largest mobile marketplace. We congratulate Nokia Siemens Networks for their E-Tech Awards,” said Robert Mesirow, CTIA vice president and show director.

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