Government is likely to finalise the framework for Unified Licence (UL) in 8-10 days, Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal said today.

“It’s (UL) been cleared and now we are in the process of finalising it, we than send it to the Ministry of Law and hopefully we should have a decision in eight-ten days,” Sibal said during the National Editors Conference here.

According to broad features of UL, telecom companies holding the licence will be able to provide all services that existing licences permit as well as share spectrum and other active part of telecom infrastructure that were not permitted earlier.

Telecom service providers who want to provide any additional service apart from current offerings, will have to go for unified licence. In case of mergers and acquisitions also, the companies need to go for unified licence.

“The regime has changed. today the licence and spectrum are two separate things, previously the spectrum was with the licence at a cost of Rs 1,658 crore, today they are separate … all the operators have to migrate to unified licence,” Sibal said.

The concept of unified licence is that players are free to provide all telecom services with one licence. However, these licences will not have spectrum bundled with them.

Source:- PTI

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