Indian Angel Network (IAN) has made an undisclosed investment in Mobilewalla, a Seattle-based mobile app search and discovery engine. According to a statement, IAN members including Rajan Anandan, Venkat Raju and Sharad Sharma led this round of investment in the start-up. Venkat Raju will join the Mobilewalla board.

Mobilewalla is a data venture that collects all publicly available information regarding mobile apps, computes analytics on top of this data, and supplies app intelligence and audience measurement data to its clients for mobile apps.

Venkat Raju, an IAN member, who is joining the Mobilewalla board said, “The era of mobile computing has outpaced the classic revolution of the Internet Boom of the 1990s. It is to be believed that consumers have started spending more time on their mobile applications than surfing the internet. Hence, it becomes imperative to have a tool to measure and analyze the shift in the consumer behavior, real-time. We saw enormous potential in Mobilewalla as a venture to provide innovative offering at the intersection of Big Data powered Analytics & Mobility, providing real value to consumers and marketers.”

Indian Angel Network has over 200 members and has funded over 45 start-ups across multiple sectors like IT, Mobile, Healthcare and Education, across India and overseas.

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