Government panel has recommended that BlackBerry must be asked to provide access to ‘PIN’ details of all its handsets across the world.

According to the panel, the move would help intelligence agencies in the country to track messages exchanged between Indian subscribers and those living abroad.

Currently, BlackBerry provides PIN details of handsets shipped to India. However, owing to privacy and legal provisions, so far it has not provided data pertaining to BlackBerry handsets being used in other countries.

Each BlackBerry handset has a unique pin that cannot be changed and is locked to the phone. The panel in its report, dated 31 December, 2012 has stated that if incoming and outgoing messages from BlackBerry users in other countries to customers in India have to be tracked then the government should have access to PIN details of Blackberry handsets globally.

Earlier, too, the intelligence agencies had expressed concern over interception of BlackBerry services. Following, which, Blackberry provided the government with an interception solution to providing it access to data and messages being exchanged using its services.

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