A non-profit organisation Thursday launched a mobile phone application that helps a person under threat to send out immediate alert to his contacts registered on his phone.

“The application is simple and cellphone alarm based that helps a person who is threatened to send out alert to registered phone number of three to 10 contacts followed by a small video clip of the incident and a voice recording that could help police to identify and follow legal procedure,” a release from Security Watch India (SWI) said.

The application, which is currently being used by ex-servicemen and their families, could also be useful for corporates to provide security to their female workers who work till late hours. The product is art of corporate initiatives of Indian Eye Security Pvt Ltd, the release added.

“The government must have better communication with citizens and use media and social networking sites effectively to convey what is being done in a crises situation. This responsibility rest with the lieutenant General, and commissioner of Police who all failed to do so,” said Kiran Bedi, former IPS officer and social activist, who was present on the occasion.

Bedi, while referring to the situation after the gang rape of a young para-medical student in a moving bus New Delhi, said that we should have “intention to act” then only the solutions start coming up automatically.

Source:- PTI

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